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We love to see all the support for the Black community, and we should keep it going! This fight for equality is far from over, and there are multiple ways in which you can help or contribute—for instance, buying from Black-owned businesses, signing petitions, researching, and voting for candidates that will better serve your community as well as ensure the betterment of others while keeping inclusivity in mind. You can also educate yourself while being an ally. 

Please note, doing your own research is super important. Statics can be warped, and sometimes private-owned organizations keep the donations for their company.

Here are some resources you can look into: 

100+ BLACK-OWNED WELLNESS BUSINESSES TO SUPPORT NOW AND ALWAYS – If you’re Black, you know that supporting community-minded businesses is important, and part of a success story. But that support shouldn’t just fall to you. If you’re working to be a better ally, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is and support Black-owned businesses (in addition to the really important work of internal work, educating yourself, checking in on your Black friends and coworkers, getting out to protest, and donating to causes like The Bail Project and Unicorn Riot). Below, we rounded up 50 of the Black-owned wellness brands that we love, and believe are worth supporting not only right now, but always. 

400+ BLACK-OWNED ETSY SHOPS – This list was started from posts in multiple Etsy support groups that keep getting removed. Even when groups allow self-promotion, posts asking about Black-owned businesses are getting deleted. Guess what? Those folks can’t delete a blog post!

Twitter thread: A list of Black-owned makeup, skincare, hair, and fashion brands.

Twitter thread: Black-owned candle companies.

10 Black-Owned Fitness Apparel Brands – Believe it or not, what you wear when you workout can sometimes be the difference between you pushing yourself to the limit or doing the bare minimum. When you look good, you feel good and sometimes the right fitness apparel can offer motivation to jumpstart your journey. Gym-goers are looking for original designs, cultural prints, and sports bras that are not only fashionable but also offer high-quality support. Starting your fitness journey? Shop with these 10 black-owned fitness apparel brands.

Good Vibes – Ymani Efunyale began her journey to launching Good Vibes began back in 2006 when she started making her own household cleaning products. One day, while doing her chores, she left a spray bottle of a “green” cleaning product on the kitchen table. She turned her back for one moment and the next thing you know, her two-year-old son put the trigger in his mouth and sprayed it. What followed was a very scary asthma attack. As she nursed him through it, she knew she had to make some changes. She did some ongoing research, and over the years she acquired a cabinet full of DIY cleaning supplies and a whole lot of know-how. 

Liberate Meditation – Liberate is the #1 meditation app for the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color community. Listen to dozens of guided meditations to ease anxiety, find gratitude, heal internalized racism and micro-aggressions and celebrate Blackness. For us, by us.

Support Black Owned (SBO) – Support Black Owned (SBO) is a free Black and African American owned business directory and blog filled with thousands of 100% Black, Moorish, and African American owned businesses, spread all over the world. Our goal is to list every Black Owned business, church, entertainer, restaurant, etc, in the whole world. Our Black Business Directory offers a free listing and is the “BEST” resource for Black owned businesses (learn more). We believe that all black businesses, whether large or small have the right to be represented online, and SBO can help you gain more exposure with lower prices than the competition. So join today to add your business to our Black business list or help circulate the Black dollar by patronizing one of the businesses that you find on our directory.

Black Lives Matter: Ways You Can Help – Here is a digital portal that links all the petitions, places to donate, information for protestors, and other important information. 

New York City Absentee Ballot Request – To prevent the community spread of COVID-19, all registered voters may apply for an Absentee Ballot to vote in the upcoming June 23, 2020 elections.

Ballotpedia’s Sample Ballot Lookup Tool – Few voters know who is on their ballot, and they don’t have an easy way to find out. When you sit down to research what’s on your ballot, we don’t believe you should have to open 30 different web pages from 20 different websites to find out what district you’re in, what races are up for election, who’s running, and what a “yes” vote on that ballot measure would really mean. And even then, you still might not find the answers you need.

Congressional elections calendar – Election dates and deadlines vary across the country and at different levels of government. Election dates included in the list below are for the United States Congress elections in 2020.


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